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"For a total security Solution - ACS Security is your Iron Clad Choice in Security"

Access Control
Trained to be friendly but tough and uncompromising, our guards stand sentry at access gates to private property estates and business premises. Visitors Entry control registers form part of our services if required.

All our guards have contact with the ACS SECURITY control room to facilitate speedy reporting of any irregularities.

Call us for a quote on ACS SECURITY access control: 087 223 0691
Roaming Guards
ACS SECURITY Guards conduct patrols on Estates under their protection. All of them have radio contact with one another and ACS SECURITY Control Room.

Our guards roam on scooters for speedier contact with any possible emergency situations – it means they are able to react promptly to situations. If an alarm or problem is detected, they rush to the scene on their scooters to assess the situation.

If it is an emergency, the guards notify the ACS SECURITY Control Room whereupon a back up team is despatched immediately. Time is of the essence and we have equipped our team to cut time wasting to the absolute minimum because your and your family’s lives might be on the line.

ACS SECURITY ensures that the streets where you live; where your kids can safely play, you and your family can exercise and walk around without fear because ACS SECURITY guards are near.

Call us now for a quote on ACS SECURITY roaming guards : 087 223 0691
Armed Response & Monitoring
Modern technology has been carefully selected for ultimate performance, guaranteeing that our security services will result in a speedy response to your alarm call.

The Control Room is on constant alert to ensure your safety, which is our highest priority.

Call us now and get a quote for ACS SECURITY protection: 087 223 0691
Retail Guarding
Retail guarding has become vital in retail outlets to ensure minimum shrinkage. Our guards are trained to politely but firmly monitor that only paid for items leave your store.

They have been trained to respect people druing this procedure whilst ensuring your profits stay where they belong.

Call ACS SECURITY now for shrinkage control: 087 223 0691
Security Technology
The technology ACS SECURITY has elected to implement is based on performance reliability as well as being budget conscious.

ACS SECURITY does not believe in compromising your safety for the sake of a few rands and cents but does endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible for your benefit.

ACS SECURITY conduct site surveys to recommend the best technological security solutions for your specific needs, requirements and situation.

The following are some of the security products we install:

CCV TV Gate Automation Electric Fence linking PIR – Passive Infra red Panic Buttons Sirens Keypad panels Beams – interior & exterior Call us today for a site survey quotation 087 223 0691
Car Park Guarding
Protection of vehicle parking areas to safe guard your cars and contents is considered just as important as protecting all your other assets.

Our guards are trained to be observant and vigilant about criminal activities as well as courteous and caring towards car owners and drivers.

Call us now to discuss keeping your cars under our protection: 087 223 0691

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